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    Planning Ski Trip Rockies

    A Guide to Planning A Ski Trip In The Canadian Rockies

    By Richard CampbellDestinations

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    Read our guide to planning an unforgettable ski trip in the Canadian Rockies. Find all the best resorts, deals and activities you can experience there!

    Are you thinking of going on a ski trip in the Canadian Rockies? It could be the best ski holiday of your life! The Canadian Rockies are home to some of the best resorts in North America. This spectacular region gets a healthy amount of snow throughout the season, and the slopes are known for good quality powder, just perfect for skiing.

    The Canadian Rockies are the northern part of the range that starts in the Western United States. The best skiing destinations are found in the area between Fernie to the south and east, Lake Louise to the north, and Revelstoke to the west. The most popular areas are Canmore, Banff, and Lake Louise in Alberta, and Fernie and Revelstoke in British Columbia.

    These destinations cover a vast area and it would take you several trips to ski all resorts. Most visitors choose one resort or village and stay there to maximize the time they spend on the slopes. Skiers have been visiting these areas for many years now, so the villages have everything you will need, including accommodation, food, gas, or medical services.

    The Canadian Rockies are known as one of the finest skiing destinations in the world. But don’t take our word for it! Visit and see for yourself – we’re confident you won’t be disappointed. What’s more, to help you get started, we’ve put together plenty of information on how to get there, the best areas to visit, and what to expect during your stay.

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    Ski jump in the Canadian Rockies

    Ski jump in the Canadian Rockies

    How To Get To The Canadian Rockies

    Although the Canadian Rockies are one of North America’s great wild spaces, they are surprisingly accessible by road and air. Canada’s excellent transport infrastructure will make your trip easier, and there are plenty of options, whether you’re flying, taking the bus or hiring a car.

    Flying To The Canadian Rockies

    The most convenient way to access the Canadian Rockies by plane is via Calgary Airport. Calgary offers good connections to all major Canadian airports and international flights to destinations around the world. What’s more, it’s just a short drive away from some of the best resorts in the Rockies. From here, you can access Banff, Lake Louise, Canmore and Fernie within just a few hours drive.

    However, if you’re planning to ski in Revelstoke, it may be better to fly to Kelowna Airport. This airport offers better access by car to the western skiing regions, but the airport offers fewer international and regional connections.

    Fernie Alpine Resort Village Photo Credit Fernie Alpine Resort

    Fernie Alpine Resort Village Photo Credit Fernie Alpine Resort

    Driving To The Canadian Rockies

    Driving is a good option if you are coming from Alberta, British Columbia, and parts of Saskatchewan, or northern Washington, Idaho, or Montana. Otherwise, the drive is long and flying to Calgary or Kelowna could be a better option.

    Resorts in the Canadian Rockies are easily accessible by the excellent network of highways. Most resorts, including the most popular ones in Banff, Lake Louise, and Revelstoke, are located on or along the Transcanada (Highway 1), Highway 40 in Alberta, or Highway 93 and 95 in British Columbia.

    However, it’s important to remember that the Canadian Rockies experience serious mountain weather and that winter tires are mandatory. If you hire a car in Calgary or Kelowna your car should already be fitted with them.

    Getting To The Canadian Rockies By Bus

    It’s also possible to go skiing in the Canadian Rockies using only public transport – a good option if you don’t drive, or are nervous about getting behind the wheel in wintry conditions. Banff Sunshine Village, Lake Louise, and Fernie offer a shuttle bus service that takes you directly from Calgary Airport to the villages and resorts. There is a similar service that takes you from the Kelowna Airport to Revelstoke. You’ll also usually find a public shuttle inside the village that can take you from your hotel to the ski runs. This is done in an effort to reduce traffic on the mountain roads and is very efficient.

    You’ll typically find all of the transport information that you need at your chosen resort, or at local tourist information services. Remember to check out these websites in advance so you’re up to date on all of the latest transport timetables. If you plan to use the shuttles, check the schedules to make sure the shuttle is available and runs on the dates you plan on arriving and leaving.

    Fernie Alpine Resort Photo Credit Fernie Alpine Resort

    Fernie Alpine Resort Photo Credit Fernie Alpine Resort

    Best Time To Visit The Canadian Rockies

    The ski season in the Canadian Rockies runs all the way from November to May, when most of the resorts will be open. However, if you’re looking for the perfect skiing weather, plan your trip between December and March, when you’re more likely to have the best snow. The downside of skiing in this period is that the runs and resorts will probably be very busy, as all visitors want to catch the perfect conditions.

    In mid-winter the temperatures can get quite cold depending on where you ski. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes and layers to get the most out of your vacation. There are lodges to warm up and enjoy a hot beverage in between sessions if you need it.

    Banff Winter Weather

    Winter weather in Banff is typically cold and dry, although it is slightly warmer than other areas of Alberta. Nevertheless, in January the temperatures can plummet to -14 degrees Celsius, and the peaks will receive a lot of snow. This table shows the average weather conditions over the ski season for Banff.

    banff Weather

    Lake Louise Winter Weather

    Like Banff, the winters in Lake Louise are cold and dry, with plenty of snow on the higher ground. Temperatures in Lake Louise can fall even lower than in Banff, so remember to wrap up warm and take care when out on the slopes and roads! This table shows the average winter weather in the village of Lake Louise.

    Lake Louise weather

    How To Get Around In The Canadian Rockies

    If you’ve made it to the Canadian Rockies for your ski trip, you probably don’t feel like moving around too much. With ski runs of such a high quality, it’s understandable that you’ll want to spend time on the mountains and not on the roads.

    The villages and resorts offer fantastic facilities to cater to the tens of thousands of skiers who flock to the region each year. The hotels, restaurants, and shops are all within the villages, which are small enough that most places are accessible on foot. There is also a bus and shuttle service in Banff and Lake Louise to help you get around, meaning you won’t need to drive during your holiday.

    If you plan to drive, you’ll find that the roads are wide and of good quality, and the driving conditions are generally good, despite the winter weather. However, some roads may become congested around the times the ski runs open and close, and parking can be difficult in busy periods. As a result, we’d recommend using the shuttles whenever you can.

    Map Of Ski Resorts In The Canadian Rockies

    Check out this map of all the main ski resorts in the Canadian Rockies, to help you get your bearings and choose your next adventure destination!

    Best Rocky Mountain Ski Resorts

    The Canadian Rockies boast some of the most well-equipped ski resorts in the whole world, and you can be sure that you’ll be well taken care of during your stay. You’ll enjoy spectacular skiing, great hospitality, and wonderful facilities. Here’s our guide to the best resorts in the Rockies.

    Panorama village Photo Credit Panorama Mountain Resort

    Panorama village Photo Credit Panorama Mountain Resort

    Fernie Alpine Resort

    The incredible Fernie Alpine Resort is one of the most popular resorts in the Rockies, offering great snow, stellar facilities, and a wide variety of runs suitable for skiers of any ability. The terrain at Fernie ski resort is great for adventurous skiers, with steep slopes, deep snow, and lightly wooded hillsides. However, there are also plenty of easy runs, perfect for nervous novices or complete beginners. What’s more, the surrounding mountains provide the perfect backdrop as you’re cruising the slopes – you’ll have views of the aptly named Grizzly and Polar peaks, all the way down to the Elk Valley.

    Fernie boasts a good snow record, but to be sure of avoiding any rain, visit in January and February. You’ll find a charming village with lots of choices for accommodation and dining. It’s also a good place to look for deals – Fernie ski resort is included on the RCR (Resorts of the Canadian Rockies) Rockies Card, which offers huge discounts and your 1st, 4th and 7th days of skiing are free.

    Fernie Alpine Resort For Families

    Fernie Alpine Resort is a great choice for families! With events and activities geared toward families, designated kids’ trails, and a wide assortment of novice and intermediate hills, Fernie is the perfect place for a winter family break. Fernie ski lessons are also a great feature for families. Private and group lessons are available for kids and adults at any level, from first-timers to experienced skiers who want to improve or learn a new style. Families may also enjoy a family coaching session to learn new skills together. Book a family package early (by the end of November) to take advantage of “kids ski free” deals.

    Fernie Ski Map

    Check out this handy Fernie skiing trail map to help you get your bearings during your stay.

    Getting To Fernie Alpine Resort

    If you’re arriving by plane, Calgary International Airport is about 3.5 hours away by road. Regular shuttle buses run from Calgary to Fernie from Wednesday to Sunday during the winter season. Smaller airports, such as the Canadian Rockies International Airport in Cranbrook and Kalispell in Montana (USA) can bring you closer (1.25 hour and 2 hours respectively) but do not offer as many regional and international connections or airline choices.

    If you plan to arrive by road, remember to ensure that your car is equipped with winter tires, and you’ll need to be prepared for some wintry driving conditions. Whatever your mode of transport, you’ll find regular shuttle buses to take you the 5km from the town of Fernie and the ski resort itself.

    Skiing in Panorama Photo Credit Panorama Mountain Resort

    Skiing in Panorama Photo Credit Panorama Mountain Resort

    Panorama Mountain Resort

    Panorama Mountain Resort is in eastern British Columbia, not far from the Alberta border. The Panorama ski resort offers a big mountain with a long, snow-sure season. You’ll find over 100km of slopes, suitable for skiing and snowboarding, and one of North America’s top 10 verticals! It also boasts the largest complex of outdoor heated pools in Canada, so you’ll have the perfect place to relax after a hard day on the slopes.

    Panorama Mountain Resort is suitable for skiers of all levels, with beginner, intermediate and advanced runs. It’s also a great place to try your hand at different activities, including snowboarding, fat biking, snowmobiling, paragliding and even heli-skiing! Double-check the weather forecast when planning your trip, as it can be very cold in December and January. Panorama Mountain Resort is included on the Lake Louise Plus Card, which offers huge discounts and your 1st, 4th and 7th days of skiing are free.

    Panorama Mountain Resort For Families

    Panorama is perfect for families. It is not a party resort, and it’s especially quiet midweek. Kids will enjoy two different terrain parks with varied levels of difficulty to help kids progress in their skills. Ski and snowboarding lessons are available for children as young as 3 years old and private family lessons are also an option. Panorama participates in the Canada Ski Council Grade 4/5 Snow Pass, so this is a great way for families to save money.

    Downhill skiing at Panorama Resort Photo Credit Panorama Mountain Resort

    Downhill skiing at Panorama Resort Photo Credit Panorama Mountain Resort

    Panorama Ski Map

    To find all the best routes, check out this Panorama ski route map, which shows all of the trails around the resort.

    Getting To Panorama Mountain Resort

    If you’re planning to arrive by plane, Calgary International Airport is an easy 3.5-hour drive away. The smaller Canadian Rockies International Airport in Cranbrook can bring you closer (161 km away) but your flight connections and airline options here will be somewhat limited. Glacier Park Airport in Kallispel, Montana (USA) is also an option, at a distance of about 350 km.

    The road to Panorama from Calgary is beautiful, passing through Banff and Kootenay National Parks, although winter tires are required. Shuttle buses are available from Calgary International Airport directly to Panorama Mountain upon request. There are also shuttles available between Invermere and the ski resort, which takes about 35 minutes, and passes by plenty of places for shopping and dining.

    Lake Louise Ski Resort

    Lake Louise Ski Resort is a part of Banff National Park in western Alberta, near the border with British Columbia. Lake Louise is a fantastic resort on a big mountain with a lot of terrain that can challenge skiers of all ages and abilities. There are also some fantastic possibilities for cross-country skiing in some particularly scenic locations. If you’re looking for spectacular scenery and top-quality snow conditions, Lake Louise Ski Resort is an excellent option. Although the nightlife is a little less lively when compared to nearby Banff, Lake Louise remains one of the premier skiing destinations in the Canadian Rockies.

    Double-check the weather forecast when planning your trip, as it can be very cold in December and January. The resort is included on the Lake Louise Plus Card, which offers huge discounts and your 1st, 4th and 7th days of skiing are free. Whether spending your whole vacation at Lake Louise or splitting your getaway between Lake Louise and Banff, you are sure to love this incredible, family-friendly ski resort.

    Lake Louise Ski Resort For Families

    There is plenty for families to love at Lake Louise Ski Resort. You’ll find an excellent ski school offering private or group lessons for kids as young as 3 years old. Private family lessons are also an option. For families with kids who are too small to ski or who prefer not to ski all day, an accredited daycare center is available on-site for infants up through age 6. Make reservations in advance in order to be sure, but drop-ins are allowed if the center is not full. Out on the hill, there is a learning area for kids, with colorful learning aids and fun animal cutouts. Alternatively, take a break from skiing at the tubing park. To save money, check out the Grade 2 Pass that allows children in the second grade to ski for just $20.

    Downhill skiing at Lake Louise Photo Credit Lake Louise Ski Resort

    Downhill skiing at Lake Louise Photo Credit Lake Louise Ski Resort

    Lake Louise Ski Map

    For an overview of all of the best trails in Lake Louise, check out the Lake Louise mountain trail guide.

    Getting To Lake Louise Ski Resort

    The Lake Louise Ski Resort is located in Banff National Park, about 184 km from Calgary. The area is so beautiful that getting to Lake Louise Ski Resort is part of the experience. You can choose to drive yourself along the scenic highways, which allows the added advantage of stopping whenever you wish for some fabulous photo opportunities!

    Buses are also available from Calgary to Lake Louise, so check here for operators, schedules, and other important information. Since many visitors like to split their ski vacation between Lake Louise and Banff, there is a shuttle provided between these two locations. However you choose to get there, you’ll definitely be glad you did!

    Marmot Basin Ski Resort

    Marmot Basin Ski Resort is located in the heart of Jasper National Park, and is a quiet resort with some fantastic skiing. Jasper has a reputation as one of the friendliest areas to ski in the whole of the Canadian Rockies, and on any trip here you’re sure to be met with a warm welcome. Marmot may not be the most famous resort in the region, but it offers plenty of thrills out on the slopes, with epic powder-filled bowls and plenty of wide-open terrain for off-piste adventures.

    Marmot Basin Ski Resort is also surprisingly good value, with lots of offers and deals over the winter season. Marmot has relatively few slope-side facilities, but it’s only a 20-minute drive from the friendly town of Jasper, where you’ll find everything you need during your stay. This wonderful resort is ideal for beginner and intermediate skiers, with plenty of variety on the slopes, and there are some challenging runs for more adventurous and experienced visitors.

    Marmot Basin Ski Resort For Families

    Marmot Basin Ski Resort offers many facilities for children, making this an excellent choice for a winter holiday for all the family. The Family Discover Package offers some impressive discounts for family groups, including reductions on rental, lift tickets and ski lessons. There are also a number of childcare options, for kids from 19 months up to 6 years of age. What’s more, Marmot Basin Ski Resort offers free skiing on your birthday (or the days immediately preceding and following it), and 15% off for family and friends!

    Learning to ski Photo Credit Lake Louise Ski Resort

    Learning to ski Photo Credit Lake Louise Ski Resort

    Marmot Basin Ski Map

    To find all the best runs across the resort, check out the Marmot Basin ski trail map.

    Getting To Marmot Basin Ski Resort

    Marmot Basin Ski Resort is located in the west of Alberta, deep in the heart of the Jasper National Park. It’s accessible from multiple directions, but perhaps the most straightforward and easy route is the road from Edmonton, at a distance of 360km. The ski resort itself is located 21km from the town of Jasper, and offers plenty of parking space just above the base station. The route to the resort is via mountain roads, and snow chains may be required in bad weather. If you’re nervous about driving, opt for the shuttle bus, which leaves the town of Jasper regularly throughout the day during the ski season.

    Family Skiing Photo Credit Lake Louise Ski Resort

    Family Skiing Photo Credit Lake Louise Ski Resort

    Nakiska Ski Resort

    Looking for a family-friendly ski resort in the Canadian Rockies? Look no further than Nakiska Ski Resort in Kananaskis Country, which offers a range of easy and intermediate runs set against a magnificent scenic backdrop. The resort is fairly small and rarely visited by tourists, but it’s an excellent option if you want a quiet place to ski in a convenient location.

    Nakiska is a great place for learner skiers, offering varied terrain and good facilities. If you’re looking for a really special experience, stay at the Kananaskis Lodge, just at the base of the resort, which is home to an incredible Nordic spa and has a fantastic restaurant. The possibilities for après-ski entertainment are somewhat limited, but you can always keep busy by trying your hand at snowshoeing or cross-country skiing! It’s also possible to rent a condo in Canmore and commute to the slopes during the day.

    Nakiska Ski Resort For Families

    The Nakiska Ski resort is the perfect destination for families, with wide, well-groomed slopes, plenty of variety, and lots of facilities and activities aimed at younger visitors. Nakiska ski lessons for kids can be found at the superb Kid’s World, which includes an easy slope, magic carpets and a range of obstacles to keep the little ones entertained. There are also daycare options for kids aged between 19 months and 6 years. The Nakiska Family Pass offers great savings of up to 25% for a family of four, including discounts on parking, and can be used on any day of the year.

    Nakiska Ski Trail Map

    Check out the Nakiska Resort trail map for a full guide to skiing at the resort.

    Getting To Nakiska Ski Resort

    Nakiska occupies a premier location for weekend ski breaks, as it is the closest resort from Calgary International Airport. Just 50 minutes drive from Calgary, avid winter sports fans can jump off the plane and be on the slopes within an hour. It’s also easily accessible by road from Banff and Canmore. The nearest settlement to the resort is Kananaskis Village, which is just 2.5km away, and there are shuttle buses that run regularly between here and the airport. It’s also possible to take a Greyhound from either Calgary or Banff, directly to the resort.

    Group Photo Photo Credit Banff Sunshine Resort

    Group Photo Photo Credit Banff Sunshine Resort

    Revelstoke Mountain Resort

    With 120 years of skiing history, Revelstoke Mountain Resort is an icon of the Canadian Rockies. With incredible terrain and legendary powder, this is a great choice for experienced skiers looking for a bit of a challenge and some thrills on the mountain. However, Revelstoke is also a great choice for beginner and intermediate skiers, with plenty of variety on the slopes.

    The resort is just a stone’s throw from the vibrant, lively town of Revelstoke, where you’ll find lots of entertainment, good accommodation and facilities. The town is a fun and lively destination but not too busy, meaning you’re unlikely to feel crowded out. This popular and friendly resort is one of our favorites in the Canadian Rockies, and we think you’ll love it!

    Revelstoke Mountain Resort For Families

    Revelstoke is an ideal destination for families, and there’s something for visitors of all ages here. Although Revelstoke is well known for some of its more challenging slopes, there are also a surprising number of family-friendly runs, particularly in the area around Turtle Creek, near the base village, where younger children can take lessons while Mum and Dad take to the more advanced slopes. It’s also a great location for older kids to improve their skiing abilities, with intermediate runs that will safely challenge them as they grow.

    Revelstoke Ski Map

    For all the best info on skiing at Revelstoke, check out the Revelstoke Mountain Resort trail guide.

    Getting To Revelstoke Mountain Resort

    Revelstoke is easily accessed by road or air, and is conveniently located in the heart of BC. The closest airport is Kelowna, just two-and-a-half hours away, but international connections here are limited. Many visitors choose to fly into Calgary, which is a four-and-a-half hour drive from the resort. If you’re driving, however, you’re in for a treat. The route to Revelstoke is one of the most picturesque in Canada, whether you’re coming from Calgary or Vancouver. From the west, the road passes through the gorgeous Okanagan Valley, and from the east, you’ll be treated to views of two fabulous national parks and the stunning Selkirk Mountains. Remember to ensure you have winter tires on your car, and be prepared for some wintry conditions. Once you’re in town, regular shuttle buses will transport you to the slopes.

    Skiing downhill Photo Credit Banff Sunshine Resort

    Skiing downhill Photo Credit Banff Sunshine Resort

    Banff Sunshine Village

    Banff Sunshine Village Ski Resort is just a short ride from the town of Banff itself, deep in the heart of some of Alberta’s best winter sport locations. In fact, Banff Sunshine Village is known as one of the best skiing destinations in the Rockies, with glistening white powder and one of the longest ski seasons in the region. Located on the eastern side of the Rockies, Banff Sunshine Village offers excellent ski conditions and everything you need to make your holiday a great one.

    Banff Sunshine Village is particularly popular with experienced skiers who want to try their hand at the infamous Delirium Dive, but there are also plenty of options for beginners and intermediate visitors. It’s also close to the lively town of Banff, which offers bars, restaurants and shopping opportunities that will keep you busy off the slopes. There’s something here to please all visitors, and lots of activities for kids. Try to avoid the school breaks, as you can find lots of great winter deals here outside the main school vacations. Accommodation is plentiful and generally of a high quality. Don’t forget to check out the Sunshine Super Card, which offers discounts and free skiing on your 1st, 4th and 7th day.

    Banff Sunshine Village For Families

    Banff Sunshine Villages is the perfect destination for a family skiing holiday, with plenty of wide, beginner slopes perfect for little skiers! Children as young as six can take lessons in the Kid’s Kampus with qualified instructors, and the Tiny Tiger daycare center provides childcare for kids aged 19 months to six years, in case parents want a day out on the more advanced slopes. The Tiny Tiger daycare center also provides ski lessons for kids aged between 3 and 6 as part of the deal.

    There are lots of family-friendly activities on offer at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge, including s’mores, tobogganing, hot tub bingo, and a family room kitted out with games, videos, and comfortable sofas. The village of Banff also offers plenty of attractions and activities for younger visitors, and a trip here provides an excellent opportunity for kids to try snowboarding, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing for the first time!

    Banff Sunshine Ski Map

    For all of the best information on skiing in Banff, check out the Sunshine Village trail maps.

    Getting To The Sunshine Village Resort

    Like the other resorts near Banff, Sunshine Village is easily accessible by plane, just an hour and a half from Calgary. Calgary International Airport offers excellent connections within Canada and the rest of North America, in addition to international transport hubs.

    Sunshine Village Resort is just a 20-minute drive from Banff, and you’ll find regular shuttles to transport you between the town and the resort. This bus is also free if you purchase a tri-area ski pass, which offers access to the three major resorts around Banff. If you do decide to drive, remember to use winter tires and carry snow chains, and be aware that the roads can be busy in high season, with limited options for parking.

    11-day Skiint tour in BC

    Castle Mountain Resort

    Castle Mountain Ski Resort is one of the gems of the Canadian Rockies. This fabulous ski resort is known for its exceptional powder, laid back atmosphere and authentic character. The resort boasts of being ‘driven by powder, not profits’, meaning that this is the place to come to really experience winter sports in the Rockies.

    Castle Mountain Ski Resort is huge, but it’s usually very quiet, making it the perfect choice if you don’t like busy runs. The resort is spread out over two mountains, and you’ll find some of the longest continuous fall lines in the whole of the region. When the weather is good, Castle Mountain has some of the finest powder anywhere in Canada, but the snow can be somewhat hit-and-miss. Despite this, we still think it’s one of the most unique and exciting places to ski in the Canadian Rockies, and there’s something here to suit all skiers, whatever their abilities.

    Castle Mountain Resort For Families

    Castle Mountain Ski Resort is relatively quiet, with few options for après-ski, but this makes it a great option for families. Kids can join one of a number of group or semi-private lessons in skiing and snowboarding, but these are usually only available on weekends and holidays, so it’s best to enquire in advance. Childcare is also available, meaning that adults always have the opportunity to head off to the slopes for a couple of hours of peaceful skiing.

    Castle Mountain Resort Ski Trail Map

    Check out the Castle Mountain Resort skiing trail maps for all of the best routes on the mountain.

    Getting To Castle Mountain Resort

    Castle Mountain Ski Resort is located between two-and-a-half and three hours southwest of Calgary, meaning that it’s a fairly convenient location if you’re arriving by plane into Calgary International Airport. It’s around 45km from the small town of Pincher Creek, which offers places to stay and plenty of restaurants.

    Castle Mountain Ski Resort is well serviced by road, which are seldom congested like many of the routes around Banff or other ski resorts in the Rockies. You’ll find clear, well-maintained roads and plenty of parking, meaning that it’s easy to drive to the resort. There are few options for public transport, so it’s a good idea to bring your own wheels. Car hire can be organized from Calgary International Airport.

    Amazing Mountain Views Photo Credit Banff Sunshine Resort

    Amazing Mountain Views Photo Credit Banff Sunshine Resort

    Best Skiing Tours in the Canadian Rockies

    The best way to get knee-deep in legendary Rockies powder? Let someone else deal with the logistics and just get on the hill! Whether you don’t know your left boot from your right or you’re ready to go full send out the side of a helicopter, a tour can give you an unforgettable ski trip in the Rockies with no stress or planning required on your part. Below are some of our favourite skiing tours in the Canadian Rockies.

    11-Day British Columbia Ski Tour

    Spend 11 days cruising through British Columbia’s incredible snow! You’ll hit Kicking Horse, Revelstoke, Whitewater, and Red Mountain all in one trip. In your off time, you’ll be relaxing in natural hot springs and cheersing pints in cozy mountain towns.

    Tour Highlights:

    • Ski chutes, powder bowls, and open ridges
    • Hit 4 of the best ski resorts in North America in one trip
    • Enjoy the convenience of a guided tour

    9-Day British Columbia Ski Tour

    9 days of champagne powder? It doesn’t get better than that. Enjoy all that Kicking Horse, Revelstoke, and Whitewater have to offer on this guided ski tour. Enjoy award-winning restaurants and natural attractions when you’re not on the hill to round out an incredible trip.

    Tour Highlights:

    • Carve up the slopes at three of Canada’s best resorts
    • Meet friendly locals at lively local bars and restaurants
    • Chill out apres-ski in natural hot springs

    6-Day British Columbia Ski Tour

    If everything about the 11 and 9-day tour sounded perfect but you just don’t have the time, this tour packs in 6 days of unforgettable skiing between Kicking Horse and Revelstoke. Between endlessly long runs, rowdy nights at local watering holes, and the breathtaking views of the Rockies, this is a must-do tour.

    Tour Highlights:

    • Ski the famous runs of Kicking Horse and Revelstoke
    • Enjoy the relaxing Lussier Hot Springs after your days on the slopes
    • Revel in glacier and summit views

    9-Day Powder Highway Ski Safari

    The Powder Highway of Canada can’t be missed for any avid skier or snowboarder. Get deep into Canada’s best snow at Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, Kicking Horse, and Revelstoke in this tour that’s sure to provide some of the best skiing of your life.

    Tour Highlights:

    • Pack in world-class skiing at British Columbia and Alberta’s finest resorts
    • Get first tracks in renowned snow
    • Relax in natural hot springs and make friends at the local pubs

    Ultimate 8-Day Powder Highway Ski Safari

    Hit 3 ski resorts in 8 days: Red Mountain, Whitewater, and Fernie. You’ll be rewarded with dreamy snow and a peek into some of the quietest ski terrain in Canada. Slopes nearly to yourself!

    Tour Highlights:

    • Enjoy the fantastic snow of the Kootenays
    • Enjoy skiing and snowboarding at less-trafficked resorts
    • Rejuvenate at natural hot springs and in steam-filled caves

    9-Day Rocky Mountain Ski Tour

    Enjoy the best of the Canadian Rockies on this guided ski tour, covering the best resorts in Alberta and British Columbia. The ski terrain of Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, Kicking Horse, and Fernie await!

    Tour Highlights:

    • Push your ability and be rewarded with amazing snow
    • Sample a traditional fondue dinner in British Columbia
    • Make friends on the hill and while wining and dining apres-ski
    Beautiful Mountain Scenery Photo Credit Banff Sunshine Resort

    Beautiful Mountain Scenery Photo Credit Banff Sunshine Resort

    Where To Stay In The Canadian Rockies

    Most people going on ski trips in the Canadian Rockies will stay either in Canmore, Banff, or Lake Louise in Alberta or in Fernie or Revelstoke in British Columbia. Those places, especially Banff and Lake Louise, have been sought-after destinations for many years and for that reason, they offer a wide variety of accommodation. There are other options, but these areas provide excellent skiing close to an airport and have the capacity to accommodate the many visitors they receive every year.

    You can opt for the traditional motel or hotel room, an apartment rental, an Airbnb, or a bed & breakfast. There are also hostels for travellers on a budget. If you want to reduce planning, you can purchase packages that include transportation, accommodation, and lift tickets, usually at a discount.

    Staying in one of the main areas also has the advantage of giving you access to many restaurants and bars where you can relax and eat after a day out on the slopes. You can also enjoy music, art exhibits, or other cultural activities. The landscape surrounding the villages is beautiful and is really what the Canadian Rockies are all about.

    We recommend staying in one of the villages if you can. That way, you will have a full experience that will also include enjoying the nightlife with other skiers. Ski trips aren’t just about skiing, and we’re confident you’ll find plenty to keep you busy, night and day!

    Skiing at Fernie Alpine Resort Photo credit Fernie Alpine Resort

    Skiing at Fernie Alpine Resort Photo credit Fernie Alpine Resort

    Canadian Rockies Activities

    It’s very hard to get bored in the Canadian Rockies. If you are reading this, the main reason for your trip will be to ski some of the excellent runs the area has to offer. However, if you want to take a day off, or if some members of your family or party are not keen skiers, you’ll find plenty of other things to do.

    Hiking or snowshoeing is an obvious choice. The landscape is simply breathtaking and if you don’t want to get on the chairlift to enjoy it from up high while skiing, you can most definitely go on walks and enjoy the scenery at lower altitudes. You will enjoy excellent views of the surrounding peaks and the beautiful forest. What’s more, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, there are also many opportunities to try ice walking or ice climbing.

    Depending on your location, you’re likely to find many other unusual activities. Most villages will offer opportunities to skate on outdoor rinks or lakes, such as Lake Louise. You could also try tobogganing, a typical Canadian activity, or go dog sledding or ice fishing, old Canadian traditions. Some places offer fat bike rentals as well so you can go biking in the snow.

    If you want to relax and not do any physical activity for a day, you can still find plenty to keep you busy. There are horse-drawn sleigh rides in Lake Louise or helicopter rides in Canmore to see the Rockies from way up high. You can also take relaxing to the next level and spend the day in a hot spring in Banff or in a spa.

    The Rockies are not only about sports and nature, and there are many cultural activities to enjoy. Look on the website of the villages on your itinerary, on tourism websites, or ask at your accommodation. You’re likely to find museums, galleries, music and exhibits at all times of the year.

    Keen nature fans may cross paths with some local wildlife, such as elk, mountain goats, or caribou. If you are really lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

    Amazing skiing experience Photo Credit Panorama Mountain Resort

    Amazing skiing experience Photo Credit Panorama Mountain Resort

    Dangers In The Canadian Rockies

    The Canadian Rockies are a fantastic place to visit and a world-class ski destination. The tourist and adventure sports industry here is extremely well organized and accidents are relatively rare. However, there are a few things to watch out for.

    If traveling by car, remember that there will be winter conditions on the road. This is particularly important if you are coming from a place with little or no winter snow – you will need to be prepared to drive on snow and ice. Your car should have winter tires and you should keep a safe distance from other cars at all times in case you have to brake suddenly.

    Once you are on the ski runs, know your abilities and ski safely. This is important to ensure your safety, and the safety of other skiers around you. Be safe and mindful of others to avoid collisions or going out of bounds. Adopt safe and respectful skiing habits.

    Avalanches are always a possibility in the Canadian Rockies. In the resorts, teams of highly qualified specialists monitor and control the risks. There should be no issues as long as you stay in the resort. If the ski patrol or resort employees tell you something about avalanches, listen to them. Your safety is their highest priority.

    It can get quite cold in the Canadian Rockies. If you are spending time outside, especially if you are skiing all day, dress accordingly. It can be much colder on the ski runs than in the villages and the wind chill can really get to you. Wear good layers, cover your head, and have gloves or mittens for your hands. You can even bring extra layers or gloves in your bag if you think you will need them.

    In winter, the weather can change quickly, bringing heavy snowfall and ice within a short space of time. Check the weather updates every day and respect the advisories. When the weather is bad, stay inside and enjoy some of the indoor activities the villages offer.

    Skiing trip in the Rockies Photo Credit Panorama Mountain Resort

    Skiing trip in the Rockies Photo Credit Panorama Mountain Resort

    Interesting Facts About The Canadian Rockies

    • There are over 20 resorts and operators in the Canadian Rockies.
    • Many people don’t consider their trip to be complete unless they’ve had a chance to take a soak in a hot spring. If you are in the Banff and Lake Louise area, consider going for a dip yourself.
    • Moraine Lake by Lake Louise is likely one of the most photographed lakes in the Rockies. If you have seen a picture of a turquoise lake with a few pine trees in the foreground and a range of snowy, craggy mountains in the background, odds are it was Moraine Lake. You can visit it in winter, but the lake will be frozen.
    • The Canadian Rockies are just as wonderful in summer and a hiking trip here should be on your travel bucket list. There are countless spectacular trails in the five national parks located throughout Alberta and British Columbia.
    • There are over 50 mountains of more than 3,300m of elevation. They are smaller than some of those in the south, but they are also glaciated and more jagged and dramatic, making them more impressive and much harder to reach. Maybe you’ll see some of them on your ski trip!
    • There are two different time zones in the Canadian Rockies.
    • It is not uncommon for snow to keep falling as late as June and July in the higher elevations.

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