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    Hikes in Edmonton

    Region in Alberta, Canada

    What?! Hikes in Edmonton? That’s right. While outsiders either see this place as the home of the Edmonton Oilers or a massive freezer with business buildings, it’s still a pretty city with parks, the North Saskatchewan River, and the nearby Elk Island National Park and Chickpoo Lake. However, suppose you want to stay close because you’re just visiting friends, attending a business meeting, or something along those lines. In that case, you’ll find a collection of parks that boast carved-out paths tailor-made for walking and biking, making it easy for any city dwellers or visitors to ditch the urban scene and dip into nature.

    The 10 Greatest Hikes in Edmonton

    Whether you’re looking for an easy-going walk to get moving or an elevated heart rate, the best hikes in Edmonton have you covered. The 5.8 km Whitemud Park Trail is a great choice for a moderate walk that unveils scenic riverfront views. Those seeking a more rugged adventure will like bushwalking on the Cameron Heights Loop. Meanwhile, a fun kid-friendly trail is the short but pretty Rundle Park Trail. Find more options for excellent hikes in Edmonton below:

    1. Cameron Heights Trail - Drift in and out of forested areas with openings that unveil lovely views! You’ll find a network of trails carved along this area, making this a fun choose-your-own-adventure type activity. However, if you aren’t in the mood to create your own fun, feel free to follow our 6.9 km route, which leads you along a partially paved pathway.
    2. Rundle Park Trail - Walking the Rundle Park Trail is just one of the activities you and your family can do in Rundle Park. Opt to spend an entire day outside here: play mini-golf, horseshoes, enjoy a picnic, and get on the water! Amid this family-friendly fun, enjoy hiking the 3.4 km Rundle Park Trail, which starts from the north of the park and takes you in a counterclockwise direction!
    3. Chickakoo Lake Trail - Escape skyscraper and suburb views for the lovely Chickakoo Lake Trail, which takes you on an outer loop trail, granting more time to bask in the fresh air and admire the lake! This 6.8 km route is the longest in the area, but the low 164 m elevation gain makes this a fun trail for all fitness levels.
    4. Whitemud Park Trail - The Whitemud Park Trail is an excellent route that keeps you in the city but immersed in pleasant scenery. This 5.8 km lollipop route offers great views of the North Saskatchewan River and takes you to the Rainbow Valley Campground. This trail starts just off of Fox Drive!
    5. William Hawrelak Park Riverside Trail - Enjoy a fusion of natural green, North Saskatchewan River views, interspersed with city skyscrapers on the William Hawrelak Park Riverside Trail. This trail is a great year-round option as the path is easy to navigate in the snowy winter months.
    6. Gold Bar Park Trail - Spend an hour or so meandering along the Gold Bar Park Trail, which takes you into a stunning green space in the city while revealing views of the North Saskatchewan River. Bring a picnic along to extend your time in this great area!
    7. Beaumaris Lake Trail - Another short, relaxing trail within the city, the Beaumaris Lake Trail, takes you on a circuit that passes through the park and features a lake! The 2.7 km walk is close to several restaurants, granting the opportunity to replenish your body with tasty dishes after you walk.
    8. Hermitage Park Trail - The Hermitage Park Trail takes you by the Pillar of Love memorial statue, wildlife area, boat launches, and picnic spots, making it easy to spend more time outside than expected on this easy-going 2.6 km, centrally located walk.
    9. Terwillegar Park Trail - This 3.9 km lollipop route is part of a network of trails at the bottom of Rabbit Hill, but instead of taking you through the middle of the park, which most of the other paths do, this trail takes you along the border. You may stray off the route, but the web of paths makes it easy to find your way back to the trailhead if you do.
    10. Kinsmen Park Trail - Kickstart your day in Kinsmen Park on the 2.6 km, easy-going Kinsmen Park Trail circuit before enjoying the range of activities this park has to offer. This trail starts by the John Walter Museum and Queen Elizabeth Pool!

    When Is The Best Time To Hike in Edmonton?

    Most of the hikes listed above take you through city parks, making it easy to access these walks year-round! However, some trails outside of the city may not be great for year-round hiking, such as Chickakoo Lake Trail, which is best to do between May and September.

    Best Regions for Hiking in Edmonton

    It’s best to look into the city parks for family-friendly hikes in Edmonton. Most take you along fully or partially paved trails that wind along the North Saskatchewan River or immerse you in a centrally located green space. However, if you’re looking for a more rugged adventure, the nearby Elk Island National Park may suit your style better!

    Other Outdoor Activities in Edmonton

    You’ll find protected bike lanes across Edmonton, making it a fairly decent bike-friendly city. Another great outdoor activity in Edmonton is canoeing or kayaking along the North Saskatchewan River! If you want to escape your home for some outdoor fun but don’t want to drive far, there’s always camping at the Rainbow Valley Campground. Lastly, you’ll find some great golf courses around Edmonton!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Edmonton famous for?

    Some have dubbed Edmonton as the “Gateway to the North,” where there are many oil-sand projects! However, they are also home to the Edmonton Oilers, an NHL hockey team that has won five Stanley Cups and West Edmonton Mall, a massive mall that boasts a waterpark, amusement park, and a hotel!

    What is Edmonton’s famous food?

    In general, the province of Alberta is known for its beef, so you can expect some juicy meat dishes here. However, you’ll find a range of cuisine from around the world that are tailored for vegans and gluten-free folk.

    When is winter in Edmonton?

    Winter may feel like it lasts forever here, but on average, you can expect to feel cold between November to March and somewhat hot from late June until the start of September.

    Find other amazing hiking regions in Alberta:

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    Best Hikes in Edmonton

    Open details for Cameron Heights Loop

    Cameron Heights Loop

    7.3 km
    183 m

    Hiking the Cameron Heights Loop trail is a great way to spend a few hours in the city. The park is full of forested areas and clearings with great views. There are multiple starting areas and intersecting trails, which makes this a great trail to make your own. Choose your own adventure on this family-friendly trail.

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    Open details for Rundle Park Trail

    Rundle Park Trail

    Very Easy
    3.4 km
    46 m

    Hiking Rundle Park is just one of the many things you can do here. We suggest planning a half to full day here with your family to take advantage of what the park has to offer. You can get on the water, play mini golf or horseshoes, plan a picnic, and even play field sports. The hike itself circumnavigates the park from the north, creating a counterclockwise loop.

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    Open details for Chickakoo Lake Outer Loop

    Chickakoo Lake Outer Loop

    6.8 km
    164 m

    The Chickakoo Lake Trail is located outside of Edmonton at the namesake recreation area. The 6.8 km trail loops around the lake, passing by other water features and marshlands. There are many small intersecting trails here as well as plenty of picnic areas. The outer loop trail is the longest in the area, making it the best way to explore the area.

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    Open details for Whitemud Park Trail

    Whitemud Park Trail

    5.8 km
    154 m

    The Whitemud Park Trail is a great route in the middle of a diverse recreation area. The park itself occupies a space between a popular campground and the North Saskatchewan River making for an excellent hiking option within city limits. The trail starts just off Fox Drive and follows a lollipop route down to the Rainbow Valley Campground and back.

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    Open details for William Hawrelak Park Riverside trail

    William Hawrelak Park Riverside trail

    4.7 km
    70 m

    Spending a few hours exploring Edmonton’s south central green space on the William Hawrelak Park Riverside Trail is a great way to take in some nature in the city. The trail travels alongside the North Saskatchewan River and through the park that is popular for picnicking, golf, events, and other recreational activities. The park is open year-round and the trail is easy to complete even in the brisk winter months.

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    Open details for Gold Bar Park Loop

    Gold Bar Park Loop

    Very Easy
    1.8 km
    27 m

    The Gold Bar Park Loop is a straightforward trail in Edmonton. It is located in a great green space within the city and makes for an excellent spot to get fresh air and enjoy the North Saskatchewan River. Head here for a picnic and an easy walk that will take you a few hours.

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    Open details for Beaumaris Lake Trail

    Beaumaris Lake Trail

    2.7 km
    31 m

    The Beaumaris Lake Trail in Edmonton is another short and simple trail in the city. If you find yourself near the park, definitely consider stopping in. It is close to many restaurants and amenities and is easy to access. The trail is a short loop around the park that features a stunning lake.

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    Open details for Emily Murphy Park Trail

    Emily Murphy Park Trail

    Very Easy
    2.3 km
    29 m

    The Emily Murphy Park trail begins at the statue memorializing Emily Murphy, a prominent activist from Edmonton. The trail travels through the park, over the bridge crossing the North Saskatchewan River, and back to the park. There are plenty of picnic areas, green space, and even a boat launch at this park to make adding extra activities here simple.

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    Open details for Hermitage Park South Trail

    Hermitage Park South Trail

    2.6 km
    55 m

    Hiking along the Hermitage Park South Trail in Edmonton is an easy way to get outside. The centrally located park is connected to other parks via gravel and covered trails. You’ll pass the Pillar of Love memorial statue, picnic areas, boat launches, and a populated wildlife area.

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    Open details for Terwillegar Park West Loop Trail

    Terwillegar Park West Loop Trail

    3.9 km
    75 m

    The Terwillegar Park West Loop is part of an intricate web of local trails at the base of Rabbit Hill. This loop sees the perimeter of the park while many other trails pass through the middle. It is easy to get off trail, but with so many options, you will always be able to make it back to the trailhead. The route is well-signed and follows simple terrain.

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